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Draje Food industrial group includes three subsidiary companies; Fal food industrial Co, Draje food industrial Co, and Draje trading company.
This company manufactures and supplies products covering toffee brands of Eleman, Roytal, Injust, Fruitten and Milky, and JellyD Brand for any powder desserts such as Fruit jellies, Diet jellies, fruit desserts, Caramel and chocolate cream, panna cotta golden desserts, tiramisu.
Draje has achieved a motivated standard emblem by Industrial research and Standard Organization and honorably has got ISO9001, ISO22000, and HACCP degrees from a Swiss company called SGS due to following up the standards completely.
Draje Trading CO. entered flavored milk straws from Australia named Sipahh (unistraw), Trolli gummies from Germany, and Fini gummies from Spain into the Iranian market, though regarding the import limitations, the procedure stopped eventually.


  • 1374

    Establishment of Faal factory in Yazd industrial zone, and launch of production line for powder desserts, classic, and fruit toffees.
  • 1384

    Establishment of Draje Trading Co. as the importer of raw materials for Draje and Faal companies. All of the imported and consumable materials by these companies are imported by Draje Trading Co.
  • 1385

    Faal food industrial company development and launch plan on a 40000 sqm field, and Draje food industrial company establishment beside Faal factory in phase 2 of Yazd Industrial zone.
  • 1386

    Produce and supply filled and coated toffees with modern and Automatic equipment for the first time in Iran. (Filled toffee production line is with Bosh equipment from Germany and Coated toffee production line is with Dumoulin equipment from France, the factory was launched being well-equipped also with other devices from Germany, France, and Belgium as pioneer countries in making high-quality products.)
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  • National Association Statue for Consumer Rights Support
  • honoring the top 100 brands and entrepreneurial elites Congress Statue
  • Supremes in industry and trade Congress Statue
  • Golden Apple Statue
  • Provincial Manufacturers’ grand unit
  • Grand unit of 1399 in Food, makeup, and hygienic industries.
  • Golden Apple Statue for advantageous Food
  • Grand Provincial Unit in 1400.
  • Grand Provincial Unit in 1401.

Active units

  • Management Dept.
  • H&R Dept.
  • Commercial Dept.
  • Design Dept.
  • Financial Dept.
  • Marketing & digital marketing Dept.
  • Export Dept.
  • Manufacturing Dept. (Yazd Factory)
  • Supply Dept.
  • Strategy Dept.
  • Sales Dept.
    • Agent sales (B2C)
    • Chain sales (B2M)
    • Hurka sales (B2B)