2nim's Coated peanuts is a new, delectable product from Draje. These Coated peanuts, in addition to all the benefits inherent to this beloved nut, are remarkably tasty and never become repetitive. This is because they come in a variety of enticing flavors, such as spicy, cheesy, barbecue, garlic & basil, and ketchup. These Coated peanuts, with their tempting coating, can be the optimal choice for children, adults, and everyone in between. With 2nim, everyone will forget about incomplete treats and instead experience a delicious taste and nourishing nuts all in a single bite. So, if you ever feel something is missing from your lunchbox, gatherings, or even adult snacks, simply take a deep breath and reach for 2nim. We are here to help you win both halves of the game. ensuring your snacks are bursting with flavor while also fueling you with wholesome sustenance.

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What’s better than a delectable nut?



Spiciness is not merely a flavor - it is a reaction, a journey full of wonder. 2nim's spicy Coated peanuts are tailored for lively gatherings of friends who embrace laughter, excitement, and joy. The kind of gatherings that make your cheeks flush pink from uncontrollable mirth. For that type of spirited gathering in an urban amusement park, try the devices that soar up to the clouds and plummet back down, delivering an adrenaline-pumping rush. These nuts are made for adrenaline-filled moments. Choose them with a spirit of adventure.

Garlic & Basil

This flavor is for those with a refined taste and a passion for gastronomy. The kind of individuals who, while not professional chefs, have at least attained a master's degree in the art of gluttony. Only a person well-versed in the art of eating can truly comprehend the impact of the sublime combination of peanut, garlic, and basil, with a hint of salt. This is the optimal choice for special occasions and unrepeatable events. Choose it with expertise!


This flavor is exhilarating and uplifting. The first taste evokes the carefree joy of childhood, like chasing a giant soap bubble or the moment you scored your first goal. The sharp cheddar cheese and peanut together create a delectable, captivating taste experience. Choose it with the joy of after goal.


This flavor is rooted in Persian culinary traditions and widely adored. In simple terms, it is exceptionally rare to find someone who does not enjoy the taste of ketchup. As such, you are indulging in a classic, universally popular flavor. These Coated peanuts, with their composition of tomato, salt, and vinegar, bring a natural vibrance of color and a delectable taste to your table Choose it without hesitation!


This flavor is tailored for those who savor the aroma of charcoal and grilled meats. It caters to people who relish spontaneous picnics and singing around the campfire, guitars in hand. If you are seeking a distinctive flavor that, without the need for a barbecue setup, guitar, and a crooning singer with a mellifluous voice, can nonetheless complete your table, then this choice comes first. Definitely choose it!

‌2nim's packages

2nim Coated peanuts with a covering layer is a delectable product offering a wide range of irresistible flavors, making it suitable for individuals of all ages and tastes. The 2nim's 35g packaging provides an ideal snack for adults and a suitable choice for all gatherings and joyful moments.