Fruity dessert powder

Dessert tables are the enchanting part of any party and gathering which is highly pleasing after the meals and helpful for digesting. How interesting would it be to make it fast and in different varieties? There are different kinds of desserts with various recipes. One of the most popular is fruity desserts which are many people’s favorites. Draje’s fruity dessert powders with different flavors like orange, strawberry, cherry, banana, and coconut suit every taste. Their recipes are easy and they will be made very fast, letting you create the most delicious part of your day. Just mix Draje’s 50 g powder with 2 glasses of milk, put it on the heat, and let it boil for 1 minute (it should look like pudding) then put it in any mold you like and place them in the fridge to get ready to be served.

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Strawberry dessert

Banana dessert

Coconut dessert

Cherry dessert

Orange dessert