With Fruitten, you’ll experience a different fruity taste.

It’s a toffee with a taste & shape of fruits in 5 flavor
grapefruit, avocado, orange, strawberry, and lemon.
Fruitten is the first fruit toffee with the actual taste and shape of real fruit.



Is the first unique flavor of Fruitten that attracts attention.
when you taste this special flavor it’s like a new experience


Grapefruit toffee has special & fresh taste
it brings you a new flow of energy and stays with you for some moments


Tasting the flavor of lemon toffee is like the sense of freshness in summer when the sun is shining at you through the trees grab a lemon toffee and taste it to gain the energy to keep going


If you’re looking for some moments of experiencing your childhood just taste a strawberry toffee to reach your childhood memory and escape from the world’s commotion for a short time


The taste of orange toffee can give energy to your day
So share this energizing taste with your friends

Types of packaging

We’ve prepared different packaging for your ease so you can have them at work, with family and friends.
The available packaging are, 220g (in a shape of heart, star & moon)
140g standup packages, and 2kg in (bulk)