Among toffees, Roytal is the head of the family. As you know, seniors are always looking for original things. Roytal has tried to keep its origin over the years. That’s why despite their simplicity, none of the flavors is ordinary, whether they are coconut, chocolate, hazelnut, coffee, or even milk. The first seasoning of Roytal that flows through your body is its originality.

Mixed toffee

All flavors are here, Roytal has gathered a mix of its high-grade flavors so you can have each flavor you want and enjoy.

rotial Milk toffee
rotial Coconut milk toffee
rotial Hazelnut chocolate toffee
rotial Coffee toffee


It’s not easy to disregard the greatness and originality. No matter how everything has changed and is new, Roytal with its original flavor is what we all need to have by us. You can get the cellophane-wrapped or hard plastic to enjoy on an exhausting busy day out or while you’re with family and drinking a cup of tea at peace.